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Ulive Academy

"If there's any part of the economy that's delivered for all the citizens, it's got to be the work that we and our partners in our industry have done,"

- Unknown Quotes -

"Ubah Pemikiran Anda Agar Jadi Cuan."

- Doddy Eka Putra -

"When You Focus On What Works For You and What Doesn't, You Step Out Of That Comparison Cycle & Spiral Into Your Real, Beautiful Life."

- Robyn Conley Downs -

Coach Doddy Eka Putra Pun Telah Mendapatkan Ijin Resmi dari Dewan Komisioner OJK Sebagai Wakil Perantara Pedagang Efek ( WPPE ) Guna Memberikan Edukasi dan Literasi Kepada Masyarakat Tentang Pasar Modal di Bursa Efek Indonesia ( IDX )

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